January 10, 2018

I'm Getting My Jewelry Groove Back!!

I'm so thankful for the wonderful encouragement of my friend's & family.  When I say friend's, I'm including all those in the jewelry community, too.  It's taken me awhile to regain my confidence after having to step away for those years when I was practically living in hospitals. I'm getting my groove back, people; and it's a great feeling!

December 30, 2017

Good Tidings In Jewelry Land!!

Wow! Can you believe it's almost Christmas?? Things have been busy in a good way with my jewelry!  I received my Business Cards; I was accepted into the SRAJD ... Self Representing Artist in Jewelry Design, along with being given my membership #4125.   (0:

December 21, 2017

Tis The Season!!!

Hello Everyone ... Sorry for the delayed post.  It's been a bit chaotic in our house. Long story short, we started out fostering my Niece's adopted shelter dog she could no longer keep; and as you can guess, he's now a permanent member of the family.  He's 5 yrs old; and he's either 100% red merle Catahoula Leopard Dog  or 80% Catahoula/20% Labrador Retriever. Our vet recognized he was Catahoula.  I'd only seen blues, so his coat color threw me off and the longer,  feathered hair, another trait I'd never seen, along with the red merle or longer hair in Catahoula's; but I've only seen about 3 in my life, again,  all blue merles. He's a very good boy,  knows his basic commands; they just need fine tuning, esp COME, STAY and DOWN (long distance).  Next step, a good obedience school.  Here is our new furkid, Gordy: 
It's nice to have a dog in our family again.  It feels right and normal. ♡♡ 

November 28, 2017


Happy Post Thanksgiving!! 
I hope everyone supported at least someone you knew yesterday during Cyber Monday and/or on Saturday for Small Business Saturday. If you did, THANK YOU!   If not,  thanks for all the encouraging words, likes/ shares on our posts, follows,  etc.,  as it, also, goes a long way in encouraging us and brings attention to our work, as well. 

November 17, 2017

TIGER HONEY ~ A Recent Sell!!


I've held onto a few pieces of  jewelry I've designed, as they are some of my favorites; and for ME,  it's been hard to sell them from my inventory.
 (ie. TIGER HONEY,  below) 
Alas, the time has arrived to sell them. I've way too much jewelry to wear for one person; and my intention was to originally sell it. Instead, other life things got in the way, like my health. 

November 16, 2017

Scorpio Season and VETERAN'S DAY!!

NOVEMBER 10, 2007 ~ Entry 2


Nothing special on MY end about today's entry.  I'm feeling and ALWAYS feel honoured that my BIRTHDAY coincides tomorrow with such a day as Veteran's Day!! My WONDERFUL Dad & Father-in-law,  both served in The Air Force.  ALL my Dad's Brothers served in the Armed Forces, one was lost during WWII in Europe from friendly fire. I had another Uncle that died either after returning home or while on leave during a boating accident. SO PLEASE, Don't forget to Honor our Veteran's tomorrow on Veteran's Day!!

November 10, 2017

November 10, 2017 : Hello! An Inside Look at Me

My name is Monica, the designer/assembler of my jewelry; and I have to give credit to my wonderful husband for assisting me in various ways, esp emotional support!  I've always loved jewelry for as long as I can remember, the very first piece being a tiny brooch of my Mom's that was a painter's palette.  She worked in a private owned jewelry store when she was younger; and so the tradition continued, as I became of age as a young teenager, with me working for the same jeweler during the holidays.  My love affair with sparkly bling only intensified as I continued my job there as their Holiday employee, plus there's something extra special about Christmas that makes the bling more intense & exciting!  As I entered college, I decided on a career in Dentistry

How Dentistry Turned Into Designing Jewelry

November 10, 2017 : Hello! An Inside Look at Me

My name is Monica, the designer/assembler of my jewelry; and I have to give credit to my wonderful husband for assisting me in various way...

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